Thursday, February 08, 2007

Welcome A New Voice

During a little break from the Hitting The Road With Keno series, I want to introduce my readers to an old friend of mine, Jason Kentros. I've known Jason since he was a teenager, but we hadn't seen each other in quite some time. His mother and Mary were very good friends years ago before geography separated them. Jason and I always loved to talk music and even back then, he had quite a varied and mature palate.

On Super Bowl Sunday, our doorbell rang and Mary answered. Jason stood there, but it took Mary a few beats to recognize him. It turned out that he was on his way to a Super Bowl party and because we used to throw a big bash every year, he stopped by to say hi. In any event, we were lounging around before heading to my sister-in-law's house, so we had a good chance to catch up.

It wasn't long before we started up on the music talk again and I wrote down this site's address so that he could check out my stories when he returned to his house in northern California.

It wasn't long before the blogging bug bit him as well and he's off and running. He has a very readable style and so far I've really enjoyed his approach. Look for concert stories (hopefully not Hazy ones--that's my gig!) and other insights there. He even gives me credit as an inspiration for him to start up his blog. Maybe the lineage isn't exactly Guthrie>Dylan, but I'm flattered all the same.

The link is over on the right sidebar along with friends Lefty and Paul. I think Jason's in good company over there. Check out Jason's blog today!