Sunday, February 25, 2007

Update--More New Stuff Below

As always, the author thanks you for checking in from time to time to scan over his rambling drabble.

The roadtrip finale is just below this post if you've been waiting for me to wrap that one up. The last installment is a bit long, but I didn't want to drag it out to a part 5. There will be more Hitting The Road With Keno stories in the future including fables of Ozzfest, the grimy music scene in Hollywood, and the unlikely viewing of CSN&Y from a luxury suite.

If you're reading this on the day it is posted (Sunday, February 25th, 2007), tonight might be the source of yet another chapter in the ...Keno series. He and I are heading over to the Save Mart Center in Fresno to see The Who. This one's been on my radar for years and while I'm sad that they're down to two original members and I've assuredly missed the apex of the band's powerful presence, I anxiously await what will unfold before me this evening.

Thanks again and scroll down to finish up the four parter, Hitting The Road With Keno.