Friday, August 31, 2007

Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Festival Season!

With all the reunion tours happening lately, I got in the spirit and decided that it was way overdue that I reunite with my faithful readers, patient friends and family, and curiosity seekers from all over the globe.

Welcome back, concert story fans.

No story tonight, but news of what will be here soon. I recently corresponded with my friend Paul via email and mentioned to him a certain tale that I'm putting together. It's been rattling around my skull and colliding with the few remaining healthy brain cells that continually scatter when I down another frosty lager. It was originally going to be about this year's Ozzfest, but now with another festival on the docket, it has bloomed into a project piece. At the risk of running out of room in my title header, I call it Ozzfest Vs. Family Values: A Discourse On The Obvious Lack Of Affordable Orthodontics In America.

Tomorrow, September 1st, my steadfast concert companion (and fervent defender of the malt liquor 211) Keno and I will be heading up to Mountain View and the awesome Shoreline Amphitheater to catch this year's installment of the Family Values tour. Korn once again headlines with a gaggle of modern heavy acts on two stages. As Ozzfest veterans, we're ready to shop and compare. (Teaser: Family Values already has the upper hand in this battle due to a better line-up and we're visiting one of our favorite venues.)

As a qualifier, I should say that I'm not a huge fan of any of the acts featured on either bill and really go to people watch as much as to listen to music. But I will admit that now that I've picked up a couple of used Korn CDs to do some homework, I am duly impressed with some of their stuff. I'll be interested to see how the material translates live.

So there you go. A nice little note from the author. Hopefully, this project will get the juices flowing again and you'll see plenty more output from yours truly. Thanks as always for checking back and for sending along praise and nice sentiments. I do appreciate it.

--Ol' Hazy Tony
Fresno, Aug 31, 2007