Monday, July 07, 2008

The Maddening Sound of Keystrokes

Back at the keyboard again after an embarrassing absence. Those of you that have faithfully come back time and time again have heard it all before; he's busy, etc. Whatever, let's move on. My mid-year's resolution is to get back to this blog and tell more stories whether you like it or not.

These tales bounce around in my head all the time but lately I just haven't wanted to sit down and lay them out. But I realize that even if it's just a few words a night, I need to put them together. I suppose I put the stories off until I can hole myself away and tell the whole thing in one fell swoop but who has that kind of time (besides full time writers, I mean)? Not that I consider myself a "writer", but you know what I mean....

So, I'll tell you all now that I do plan on finishing the Heaven and Hell story featuring our hero Keno and myself, but I've also gotten about 60% into my Robert Plant and Allison Krauss story featuring my wife and I up in Lake Tahoe recently.

I swore I'd never do this again after reading older posts where I made promises, but I'll tell you about what I'm working on for future installments:

  • Heaven and Hell, Part Two
  • Plant/Krauss in Tahoe
  • Concert Injury Report: Scars, dental work, scratches, etc.
  • My wife and how she tries to get me into fights at every fucking concert we go to these days and denies it later

The Plant/Krauss story will be up first because it's fresh. Heaven and Hell Part Two will be right behind because I know you all want to know if the author can take a punch....

Thanks everyone!

--Hazy Tony