Friday, August 29, 2008

New Story Posted Below!!

Seriously folks, scroll down for a brand new tale. I took a break (duh!) from the Heaven and Hell story to get one out about our trip to Tahoe for Robert Plant and Allison Krauss earilier this summer. It's a little lengthy and meanders a bit, but I'm rusty so hang in there.

Speaking of Heaven and Hell, Keno and I are seeing them this Labor Day Weekend along with Judas Priest and Motorhead. I haven't seen Judas Priest since high school about 25 years ago and never was blessed to experience the seminal Motorhead. To quote Henry Rollins, seeing a Motorhead concert "feels like being held down and beaten with a lead pipe" and "will change your life for the better". Somehow that makes perfect sense to me....

Keep your fingers crossed for action at the show and hopefully I'll have material for another installment of On The Road With Keno.